6 Crazy Dispensary Experiences You Can Try Today

As more states begin to support the legalization of marijuana and more states pass laws legalizing marijuana, more dispensaries are opening their doors. Gone are the days of picking up marijuana from your sketchy dealer, as more dispensaries are creating unique experiences for their customers to enjoy. Many dispensaries are creating their own quirky ambiances that offer customers different marijuana experiences. For instance, Discovery Bay Cannabis, in Washington, is housed in repurposed train cars. La Mota is located right next to Portland’s Columbia Masonic Cemetery, so after purchasing some cannabis, customers can wander the grounds for a spooky walk. Simply put, nowadays there’s a dispensary for everyone.    


Ever since recreational cannabis was legalized for adult consumption across Canada in mid-October the industry has been struggling to meet demand. And that's not going to change anytime soon, according to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In a recent interview, Trudeau admitted that the chronic cannabis supply shortages have been the biggest challenge the newly legalized industry has been facing.