6 Craziest Myths About Getting High

Now that cannabis is more abundant than ever, there’s more information on marijuana than ever before. New studies are indicating that cannabis can treat Alzheimer's and severe forms of epilepsy, but what’s real and what’s fake? As marijuana legalization continues to spread, more people are asking questions about the drug and its many uses and benefits, but a lot of what they hear are classic marijuana myths.

Everyone has that friend who didn’t get high the first time they smoked weed, so that’s the public perception, that you don’t get high when you smoke weed for the very first time. Well, that friend is wrong, because he or she just didn’t smoke properly. In addition to this classic, there are a number of other marijuana myths that are still getting passed along the grapevine today. Another common myth is that holding in smoke gets you higher. Although you might feel a bit lightheaded because of the lack of oxygen, you’re not feeling higher. When you inhale, THC is almost immediately absorbed in the bloodstream through the lungs within seconds of inhaling. The best way to get higher then, is to simply absorb more THC by smoking more. However, holding you breath may cause you to cough, which expands the lungs, creating more surface area for THC to be absorbed, which means more THC in your system.


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