Here are the 6 Best Tips for Making Better Edibles

You’ve found an edibles recipe you like online. You buy all the ingredients you need. You follow the recipe exactly as instructed. And…it comes out poorly. What could you have done differently? Well, there’s probably several things you could’ve done.

Here are six tips for making better edibles:

1. Cook at 340 Degrees Fahrenheit

Most edibles recipes will tell you to cook at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, but the problem is most ovens aren’t super precise. So even if you have it set at 350, it could be ten to 25 degrees hotter. And that’s an issue because THC begins degrading at 365 degrees. So if you set your oven at 340, even if the temperature fluctuates you shouldn’t see any THC degradation.

2. Understand Ratios

You need to understand how much THC you’re adding to your edibles at all times. Simply substituting cannabutter for regular butter isn’t enough. You need to know how much THC is in the marijuana ingredients you’re putting in, otherwise you’ll either end up with a product that’s way too strong or one that’s way too weak.

3. Use Quality Cannabis

You know how food tastes better if you use better, fresher ingredients? The same is true with edibles and cannabis. The better the cannabis, the better the edibles.

4. Clean Your Cannabis

You wouldn’t throw a dirty tomato in your marinara sauce, so you shouldn’t throw dirty cannabis into your edibles. Make sure you cannabis is clean and free of impurities, otherwise the taste of your edibles may come out kind of funky.

5. Use a Hand Grinder

You may think putting your cannabis into a food processor or coffee grinder and turning it into a powder will be good way to handle it, but you’d be wrong. This can actually lead to chlorophyll coming out of the cannabis which will give your edibles a plant-like taste. Use a normal hand grinder for your cannabis and you’ll be fine.

6. Stir Evenly

Ever been in a situation where an edible brownie you had gave no effects but one your friend had got them super high? That’s because your brownies probably had a poor distribution of THC. Make sure you stir really well to distribute the THC throughout your edibles.


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