51% Of Ontarians Support Government's Cannabis Plan: Poll

In a new poll, 51 percent of Ontarians expressed support for the government’s plan to have cannabis sold exclusively through standalone government-run stores and a website.

“Media and the punditocracy … are suggesting that it’s inefficient and it’s bureaucratic and the antithesis of what most people wanted when, in actuality, the government is doing exactly what Ontarians want,” said Eli Yufest, CEO of Campaign Research, the company that surveyed Ontarians on Premier Kathleen Wynne’s cannabis plan.

“The government appears to be on the right side of the issue.”

Roughly a third – 35 percent – of those surveyed said they oppose the plan and 14 percent had no opinion.

The online poll of 1,133 Ontario voters was conducted between last Friday – the day the government’s cannabis plan was announced – and Monday. It’s considered accurate to within 2.9 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

When asked specifically where recreational cannabis should be sold after the feds legalize it next July, respondents were not united; about 24 percent said the “Cannabis Control Board of Ontario”, 10 percent said LCBO liquor stores, 16 percent said pharmacies, 19 percent said dispensaries, two percent said convenience stores, one percent said other shops, six percent didn’t know and 23 percent opposed any sale of cannabis.

h/t Toronto Star


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