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5 Zoo Workers Explain Which Animals Are The Biggest Jerks

There are over 5,400 mammals on Earth, many of which are housed in zoos all across the world. Some zoos have hundreds of animals on their sites that people visit daily to look, stare, and point at for countless hours. A number of these animals are actually very dangerous, especially when they’re in zoos where they’re confined. This may very well be the reason why some of these zoo animals are also jerks. Zoo workers from Reddit share and explain their stories with animals that are the biggest jerks.

A common animal that many zoo workers don’t like are octopuses. Although they live in the water, they escape often, “This [octopus] jams herself into the water outtake in her tank while no one is paying attention. Water keeps going in, but none can get out. She makes a waterfall out of the tank and tries to ride it to freedom. We caught her just after she flopped onto the floor.” Octopuses are very smart creatures capable of escaping. Some zoo workers also shared stories with another kind of jerk, the kookaburra. These birds will try to force feed you even if you’re covering your mouth, they’ll then go for your ears. So be sure to avoid these jerks.


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