5 Worst Stoner Characters in Pop Culture History

The ravages of drugs and alcohol have been thoroughly depicted in popular culture for years, and over the years, they’ve evolved. For this reason, not every stoner character is created equal. There are some stoner characters who are never actually even seen smoking, but then there are also those stoner characters who are constantly surrounded in smoke. Many of the latter stoner characters are often depicted as the typical dazed and confused consumer who sits on a couch all day. Some of these characters are just downright bad and the worst stoner characters in popular culture history.

Floronic Man, from the DC Universe, is one of the worst stoner characters because he’s portrayed as an evil villain. After being decapitated, Floronic Man regrows himself using the nearest plant available, marijuana. Floro appears in “Batman: Shadow of the Bat” #57 and #58, when Poison Ivy reveals that he’s been flooding Gotham with marijuana, “Unlike most villains, I don’t want to rule the world -- I only want to get STONED!” Jughead from the “Archie” comics is another example of one of the worst stoner characters because he’s so high that he can’t even open his eyes. He’s also representing the epitome of the stoner stereotype by constantly eating “the munchies”.


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