5 Weed Strains You’ve Never Heard Of

The marijuana industry is growing at an unpredictable rate as more businesses, manufacturers, growers, and distributors enter the market. Now that there are more farmers growing, there is also more marijuana than ever before. Cannabis consumers now have more choices because growers are constantly introducing new strains of marijuana. Some of these strains fall through the cracks, simply because they aren’t quite as popular, so most people haven’t even heard of them.

Purple Molokai Frost is one of the strains you’ve never heard of because it is a real challenge to find, often sending users on a scavenger hunt. The strain was popular during the 1960s when it was mostly smoked by “hippies”. Amphetamine is another strain you’ve never heard of because it’s named after the actual drug Amphetamine, which is typically used to treat ADHD. Just like the drug it’s named after, this strain is known as nature on speed, because after smoking Amphetamine, your heart will be racing, but unlike the real stimulant, the feeling won’t be too overwhelming. Chernobyl is also a strain consumers haven’t heard of because it is named after the famous catastrophic nuclear accident. Fortunately, smoking these strains is more relaxing and energizing than what their names may indicate.  


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