Weed Reads: 5 Great Books Featuring Cannabis

Stoner movies get a lot of attention - less so books featuring our favourite herb. Defy the stereotype that says marijuana users don't have the attention span to read books: spark a j and immerse yourself in one of these cannabis-friendly classics.

1. The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao (2007)

In Diaz's Pulitzer-winning coming-of-age novel, the titular character - overweight, nerdy, forever-alone Oscar Wao - shares a joint with the narrator, Yunior, as they catch up on their lives and chill. The novel traces more than simply Oscar's journey into adulthood: it explores the rich history of the Dominican Republic, detailing the curse that has plagued Oscar's family for three generations, and Oscar's quest for love, sex, and companionship. And it's also a fairly cool portrayal of weed.

2. Tank Girl (1988-95)

This psychedelic comic series created by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin features a post-apocalyptic Australian babe living in an armored assault vehicle, undertaking missions for a shady, nebulous organization. She's eventually declared an outlaw for her sexual inclinations and love of grass: strange hijinks ensue. With a punk-inflected visual art, and disorganized, surreal plot-lines, Tank Girl is perfect alternative read for those hazy afternoons when you don't feel quite like tackling War and Peace. Can't get enough? There's also the 1995 movie starring Lori Petty.

3. The Hobbit

You thought the sweet, aromatic pipe-weed Gandalf's always smoking was TOBACCO? Cute.

4. The Beach

A globe-trotting pot smoker's nightmare: an English traveller named Richard sets out to find a secret beach paradise in Thailand, but instead stumbles upon a cannabis plantation. Dig, as well, the 2000 adventure film directed by Danny Boyle and adapted by John Hodge.

5. Oryx and Crake

In a scary future dominated by multinational corporations and privileged compounds, it's comforting to know that the stoners have managed to survive. Before Snowman began his bleak wandering of the post-apocalyptic hellscape, he was Jimmy, another high-schooler smoking "skunkweed." Makes you nostalgic for the good ol' days before the global pandemic.


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