5 Ways You Can Consume Cannabis

Gone are the days when you could peg a cannabis user strictly by the distinct-smelling, smoky haze surrounding them, as marijuana lovers have developed a slew of ways to consume their favorite herb. Whether you're new to marijuana or you want to mix up how you're taking in your favorite strains, read on to learn some of the various ways we can consume marijuana, whether for medicinal or recreational purposes.

Joints, bongs, bubblers, blunts, pipes, whatever medium you prefer, smoking is the most popular way we consume cannabis. Smoking involves the full ignition of cannabis flowers to release activated cannabinoids (chemical compounds unique to marijuana that exhibit a range of effects) into a vapor we inhale, just like with cigarettes.

Vaporizing / Dabbing
Vaporizing cannabis warms your herb (or concentrate) just enough to activate the cannabinoids and release them into a vapor that you inhale, but this vapor is much purer than smoke from ignited plant matter. A specific style of this cannabis consumption method called "dabbing" involves quickly vaporizing a concentrate (with a butane torch) on a specific waterpipe attachment (called a nail) which is inhaled to experience more intense effects.

Eating / Drinking
Cannabis-infused foods and drinks are a great way to consume marijuana if you don't want to inhale smoke or vapors at all. You can infuse any dish that calls for oil or butter in the recipe with cannabis, as well as almost any drink (except pure water) including teas, beer, and wine. Also, you can take digestible, oil-filled capsules to deliver marijuana's magic to your system like other pills.

Cannabis-infused tinctures (alcohol-based marijuana extracts) are liquids administered under the tongue with a dropper or sprayed on the roof of the mouth to enter one's bloodstream more directly. In addition to being a smokeless consumption method, tinctures allow more accurate dose control of your cannabis as well as fast-acting, long-lasting effects.

Topical Products
A new way to consume cannabis is with topical products, like balms, body oils, and lotions, which are applied directly to the skin to relieve pain or inflammation. Topical products are non-psychoactive and are a great option for those seeking a way to ease localized, physical symptoms of soreness with cannabis, but without the smoke.


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