5 Ways To Score Free Weed Stuff and Discount Marijuana

Of course, it's worth paying for high-quality weed. But still, who doesn't love free weed and stuff? Here are five creative ways to secure free weed or discounted marijuana (travel costs not included!).

1. Find a buddy

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Of the tens of thousands of pot tourists booking flights to Colorado and Oregon, most make the mistake of traipsing gleefully out to dispensaries sans a local bud-buddy. Use High There! or a relevant subreddit to link up with like-minded pals: many dispensaries give local discounts to customers who present a state driver's license. Plus, as the Colorado Pot Guide points out, "this way you'll have a personal tour guide for those questions you can't, or are simply too embarrassed, to ask the bud-tender." Naturally, etiquette demands you share the spoils of your bargain-shopping.

2. Go north (if you're a medical patient)

Cannabis is legal in Alaska - but patients face barriers, both financial and geographic, when looking to access the medicine they need. Enter Alaska Green Angels: utilizing a loophole in Alaska law that allows them to give away up to an ounce of marijuana without penalty, as long as the recipient is over 21, the Angels dole out free weed to the needy. Those benefitting from the free weed program range from vets battling PTSD and folks suffering from spinal infections, to Crohn's patients and those with chronic pain. Another group, Alaska Veteran's Cannabis Relief Organization, offers a similar service geared exclusively toward vets.

3. Become an extreme couponer

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Sites like CannaSaver, Coupons for Weed, LeafBuyer work something like Groupon, only for cannabis, offering deals from local dispensaries and online retailers. If you're willing to invest some additional time, check out Seeds 4 Free: they offer "the best premium marijuana seed strains" at no charge to eager weed growers, sending thousands of seeds worldwide. The catch? You pay for the shipping. Be sure to know the law in your state to avoid disappointment (and other, potentially more serious issues).

4. Vote in the next Canadian election

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In fall 2015, CBC and VICE reported on the Vancouver marijuana dispensary, Eden Medicinal Society, boosting voter engagement in the October federal election by offering voters free weed. Those of the 15,000 members who could prove they cast their ballot in the federal election could also enter their name in another competition: to win a chance to judge 40 samples of cannabis for the Harvest Moon Cup. Non-members who voted in the election could win a ticket to see Snoop Dogg.

5. Cash in on the excitement

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As more states legalize recreational pot, we might see the same free-weed phenomena we did in June 2015, when Oregon was in kind of a weird limbo: cannabis had been made legal, but there was nowhere to buy it. The Portland chapter of NORML gathered at midnight on legalization eve to distribute free bud and seeds, courtesy of medical marijuana providers and activists, to folks 21+ with ID. If you're lucky, other states will follow suit.

h/t Colorado Pot Guide, CBC, Time, VICE

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