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5 Ways Hemp Packs a Healthy Punch

Over the last 100 years hemp has had it’s share of bad press. And despite the fact most people know that hemp can be used to make paper, fabric, rope, and oils, not nearly as many people know just how healthy hemp can be for your diet.

Here are 5 of our favorite ways hemp can make you a healthier person:

  1. Weight loss. Hemp seeds are very high in protein, and eating food high in protein makes you feel full longer and crave carbs less, which helps immensely when it’s time to step on the scale.

  2. Better digestion. In addition to being high in protein, whole hemp seeds contain high amounts of fiber, which is vitally important in keeping your tummy healthy and regular.

  3. PMS and menopause. Hemp oil contains a fatty acid that can help in reducing pains associated with PMS.

  4. Heart health. Hemp seeds contain a number of elements that help with lowering blood pressure and reducing blood clots. There is even evidence that eating hemp seeds can aid in recovery after a heart attack occurs.

  5. Did we mention the protein? Hemp seeds contain the same amount of protein by weight as beef.


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