5 Vapor Lounges On The Leading Edge Of A New Trend

Smoke-filled cannabis cafes aren't everyone's cup of tea. Happily, legal vape bars are on the rise in North America, offering a similarly relaxed, social atmosphere minus the secondhand carcinogens.

Here are five legal cafes where you may, or may not be able to stock up on your favorite herb. But at least you're free to enjoy your own supply on the premises.

1. Buzz On

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The likes of Marc and Jodie Emery have voiced support for Ottawa's first vapor lounge, which has a strict code of conduct including rules against tobacco, alcohol and mooching: since Buzz On is not a dispensary, folks who want to consume have to come prepared. The decor is pretty bare bones, but the real attraction is getting together with fellow vape fans, who come to enjoy stand-up comedy and DJ sets as well as the high. For more details about what's on at Buzz On, check out their website and Facebook.

2. Club Ned

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Located in the Colorado mountains, Club Ned was America's first legal cannabis club. Today, it continues to welcome both old hands and novices to the world of weed. In- or out-of-state guests can sign up anytime as long as they're 21 or over and willing to abide by the rules, which include leaving all electronics (including phones) at the door, not driving under the influence, and a specific prohibition against "drama." Sign up for $14.20/month, or $10 for a one-day membership. Check out what Club Ned has to offer here.

3. Vapor Central

In the heart of Toronto's Yongsterdam, this 18+ bring-your-own vaporizing lounge features live comedy, music, and variety acts five nights/week. But strict rules, as elsewhere, apply ("No asking, no dealing, no fishing, no mooching inside or outside the building. Asking the staff and bothering other customers is especially prohibited and you will not be allowed to return to the lounge." ) To chill, you'll need a mandatory $5 daily membership, which includes the use of in-house vapes. Weekly and monthly options are also available, and medical users get in half price. Learn more here.

4. The Vapor Spot

On Hollywood's legendary Sunset Boulevard, The Vapor Spot 4.0 is the most luxurious of the chain's four outposts, which include West L.A., Sherman Oaks and Sacramento. You can bring your own cannabis avail yourself of the range of E-juice options, or opt for a refreshing boost of pure, flavored oxygen instead. The Sunset Strip location right between La Brea and Fairfax makes this luxurious boutique-style outlet a popular detour for local shoppers and stars alike, according to the owners. Learn more here.

5. Bloom Room

The San Francisco Bay Area Bay dispensary, alternative health center and vapor lounge, offers a top selection of flowers, concentrates, edibles and tinctures - as well as a safe place for medical patients to partake. Located in the SOMA / Financial District, Bloom Room displays its entire stock at the counter, so that members can easily browse and confer with knowledgeable cannabis consultants. Members also get to use the Volcano Vaporizers located in the lounge. Check out the full menu and more info here.


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