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5 Tips For Steaming Up The Shower Together

Showering as a couple usually looks great in the movies: think a personal steamy, sex-chamber. Hot water pouring over your intertwined bodies. Lathering up bae with luxurious body wash à la Grey's Anatomy. Not bad.

But the reality is often far more prosaic: maybe you're the one left shivering like a sad, wet little ferret while your lover hogs the hot water. Maybe you're a 6'3 lumberjack and you're worried about wiping out and ripping down the shower curtain as you awkwardly shuffle around to wash her back.

To ensure your personal shower scene is more "seduction" than Psycho, follow our 5 tips for steaming things up. 

1. Do some prep work

shutterstock 401802418

If you're shower drain looks like this, clean it. (

Soap scum and scraggly hairs stuck to the tiles aren't sexy: clean the shower, put away razors and toiletries, and stock up with the stuff you need for a memorable night: candles, a loofah, body-wash, and lots of clean, soft towels and washcloths. 

2. Take your time

2 people in shower

Don't rush the joint shower. (

This ain't your usual 2-minute morning pore-cleaning, nose-blowing routine: make sure you set aside enough time to make a couples shower an leisurely event. Take care of your less-sexy personal hygiene needs in advance - leaving you time to massage one another, goof around, and woo her with your conditioner-bottle karaoke rendition of "Hero". 

3. Take care of business first

2 Men Peeing Statue

Contrary to what this famous Prague sculpture suggests, peeing together is not typically a social activity. (joyfull /

Sorry frat boys: unless both parties are consenting adults, peeing on someone in the shower is a good way to guarantee you're not getting any tonight. Unless you're both into that - hey, whatever floats your boat. 

4. Think about upgrading

2 Person Shower

Nothing says 'come hither' like a opulent shower built for 2 or more. (

If you want to raise showering together to an art form, go the extra mile by investing in a high-quality shower head with mood lighting and numerous massage-action settings. Why not waterproof speakers to play romantic music? Hell, true pros can even remodel the bathroom to include a shower head at either end of the tub. No more shivering in the cold while she shampoos. 

5. Safety first

Bathroom Fall

Falling on your ass before you even get your fabulous retro dress off will ruin a sexy shower time. Put down a non-slip mat. (

Accident prone? All that body-wash, shampoo, and other distractions can make your footing less sure than usual. To avoid channeling Mr Bean and killing the moment, put down a non-slip mat. Also on safety (or, at least, protection from embarrassment): if you have pets or roommates, this would be a good time to make sure that door lock works. 

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