The United States is moving forward in marijuana legalization, but police continue to falsely arrest people for possessing marijuana. Many states continue to hold strict marijuana laws, so police continue to crackdown on marijuana users. Even though some of these arrests may be legitimate depending on the state, many police officers falsely accuse and arrest people for possessing marijuana even though they aren’t in possession of marijuana.

In 2014, Bartow County, Georgia, deputies "strapped to the gills" and with a drug dog in tow, raided an okra farm. The farmer, Dwayne Perry received many calls about the police at his house, “Here I am, at home and retired and you know I do the right thing. Then they come to my house strapped with weapons for no reason. It ain't right." The helicopter flying over his farm was combing the area searching for cannabis plants, where they found okra, which has very similar characteristics to cannabis. After realizing they dispatched officers to confiscate the okra farm, the Georgia State Patrol apologized, “If we disturbed them in any manner, that's not our intent. Our intent is to go out and do our job and do it to the best of our ability.”