5-Time NBA Champion Don Nelson Is Now a Cannabis Farmer and Daily Consumer

Basketball legend Don Nelson isn't very good at retiring. When he quit shooting hoops in 1976 (after winning 5 NBA Championships with the Boston Celtics), Nelson tried his hand at running a team and became one of the top 10 coaches in NBA history. And when he gave up coaching in 2010, the NBA hall-of-famer started investing his free time on his farm, where he grows koa trees, flowers and cannabis.

And this isn't just a light and easy pastime for Nelson. He takes cannabis cultivation very seriously. 

"You gotta treat it like a baby," he told Bryant Gumbel recently. "You gotta water 'em, you gotta have music for 'em, you gotta bless 'em when you go in. It's a whole process."

But it's a process that comes with a daily payoff. As a daily cannabis consumer, Nelson gets to enjoy the fruit of his labor regularly.

The full interview premieres tonight on on the newest episode of the HBO series 'Real Sports with Bryan Gumbel.' But you can catch a sneak peek below.


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