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5 Modern Stoners That Defy Stereotypes

The sophisticated shift in cannabis culture means new varieties of stoners are coming out of the woodwork: here are some types you'll encounter in 2016.

1. The Vape Evangelist

As a way of getting high, smoking joints is gasping its last breath. Sleek, compact vapes are the way of the future - no cancer risk, ashtrays, or smelly clothes. The reformed smoker in your life won't hesitate to extoll the weed-conserving, lung-protecting, money-saving virtues of their fave vape. Be sure to ask them for tips when you're trying to decide between that cute little Pax 2 or a desktop Volcano - or conversely, consult our guide.

2. The Strain Geek

Not only gets the subtle differences between kief, CO2 oil, and BHO, but effortlessly distinguishes Dark Side of the Moon from Purple Martian Kush in a double-blinded taste-test: may even count a few growers among his or her best buds. The Strain Geek always has the best going, and dismissively waves away your sub-par schwag in favour of their mysterious, quasi-divine, always-bountiful stash.

3. The Fitness Toker

With role models like Ross Rebagliati, Larry Sanders and Michael Phelps, the aspiring athlete sees zero issue with hitting the vape or snacking on THC-infused gummies before, after, and maybe even during, a heavy session at the gym. While they're grossed out by smoking, they appreciate the chilled-out bodily effects that make feeling the burn a little less painful. Note: the Fitness Toker/Vape Evangelist may be the same person.

4. The Stoned Mom/Dad

Super-responsible parents in every sense, their love for/active engagement with their offspring comes even more easily with the aid of a certain herbal supplement. Their only argument? Which one's going to stay sober and hold down the fort this time around. A puff off a joint or sip from the vape is the 2016 equivalent of a glass of California Merlot after Junior's bedtime.

5. The High-Flying Exec

Long a fixture at cannabis industry conferences and Silicon Valley, now, you can meet the High-Flying Exec anywhere: multi-million dollar investment firms, coffee shop chains, Fortune 500 companies. For folks who can't seem to stand still, maintaining an optimal level of THC during off-hours offers relief from the rat-race.

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