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5 Ways Working From Home Can Be Hell

So, your boss says you can work wherever you want - as long as the job gets done. Good news, right?

But working from home isn't just blissful, unstructured hours of sleeping until noon and eating pizza in your PJs while dashing off the occasional email.

On the contrary: the following pitfalls will make you long for the comforting, featureless interior of a cubicle.

1. Boundary issues

The thing about working from home is that, theoretically, you could always be working. Create some physic distance by making your office, or at least kitchen table, a business-only space. When you step away from the workspace, you step away from the work. Use a scheduling app to help you focus and take breaks. Establish set hours in which you're unavailable to family and friends.

2. Kids

Sounds so easy, right? Work from home while you watch the kids. But reality is never that simple. Unless you have childcare help, it's impossible to properly devote yourself fully to either, full-time task: parenting, or work. Something's gotta give.

3. You're always on(line)

Working from home is only possible because of technology. Being chained to your laptop and phone all day, then feeling so anxious and guilty about work that you're sneaking away from Date Night to check email, is a fast track to unhappiness. Set ground rules: no email after 9pm, no phones while you're eating, etc.

4. Every day is casual Friday

Uh oh: no impetus to leave the house means you're in danger of succumbing to the siren song of sweats every day. Spending some of your working hours at a coffee shop or library can make you feel more like a real person.

5. You secretly miss office culture

Hopefully, you worked out a trial agreement with your boss and can reconsider the "see you never" arrangement if it hampers your productivity. When you start romanticizing the office politics, Christmas parties, and water cooler banter, it might be time to reconsider the 9-5.


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