5 Things Non-Americans Do That Would Shock Americans

Wherever you go, you’ll likely experience uncertainty and sometimes shock whether it be from the people or just the surrounding environment. All across the world, people may live very similar lives, but the way they go about their daily lives may vary depending on where they grew up and their cultural background. For that reason, whenever tourists travel to a new country, they’re often surprised by the people and their way of living. This is very true for non-Americans because there a are number of things that they do that certainly shock Americans.

First, in the United States, oftentimes you’ll just pass by a friend for a brief second and give a slight head nod to acknowledge them, throw up a friendly high-five, or say “how are you doing?” without stopping to talk more. Many non-Americans find it rude and certainly shocking when Americans ask “how are you doing?” without actually anticipating a response, so when asked “how are you doing?”, they’ll actually respond with more than a head nod back. Also, many non-Americans don’t tip their servers because in other countries servers are paid a living wage, make tips unnecessary and sometimes even insulting. While in the United States, if you tip less than 20%, it too is insulting.


Right now, cannabis can only be legally purchased through dispensaries or online retailers, but that could change if a group representing corner stores across America gets its way. The lobbying arm of the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) is preparing to fight for the ability of their members to sell weed once it becomes federally legal in America. NACS doesn't have support for federal cannabis policy reform on their official agenda, but that doesn't mean they don't want a piece of the pie if the industry is legalized nationwide.

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