5 Things in Your Garage That Are More Dangerous Than Marijuana

Between 1992 and 2005, the number of three-car garages doubled and now, there are certainly more home garages than ever before. Garages have become helpful home storage spaces, but they harbor hidden dangers because there are many tools, supplies, and miscellaneous objects that can easily hurt anyone nearby. Many marijuana opponents may disagree, but a number of these things in home garages are actually more dangerous than the drug they claim is ruining lives.

First, unmarked stairs are more dangerous than marijuana because slips and falls are the garage’s greatest culprit, which accounted for one-third of all garage related injuries in 2011. Garages often store pesticides, pool products, automobile fluids, antifreeze, and other hazardous chemicals that are also more dangerous than cannabis. If stored incorrectly, these chemicals can leak fumes or liquids that can cause burns, poisoning, respiratory problems, and fire hazards. Leaning ladders are also dangerous because it seems obvious to store ladders by leaning them, but if placed vertically, they can damage cars or people walking by. Plus, the climbable position is tempting to children, leading to injuries and falls, which now many people are treating with medical marijuana to help with the pain.


A bird trained to tipoff drug dealers has been seized by police in Northern Brazil. It's not uncommon for people dealing in illegal substances to have some sort of early warning system to let them know if the authorities are approaching. Silent alarms, watchdogs and human guards are all common.

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