5 Things in Your Bedroom That Are More Dangerous Than Marijuana

Many marijuana opponents claim that the drug is dangerous, though there are no reported deaths from a fatal dose alone. Marijuana is actually used by many to prevent danger and harm, so many of these opponents are simply projecting their own fears of the drug onto the growing industry. When consumed responsibly marijuana isn’t as dangerous as many believe, but there are some everyday products in the bedroom that are dangerous even when they are used properly.

Furniture is one of the most dangerous things in a bedroom because kids see it as a mountain ready to be climbed. In recent years, the number of injuries caused from falling furniture has increased, hurting tens of thousands of children. Televisions are also dangerous to children for falling, while some injuries also resulted from hitting the TV, causing over 300,000 injuries to children between 1990 and 2011. Even more surprising, bed sheets are more dangerous than marijuana because they’re swarming with things. Humans naturally produce 26 gallons of sweat in bed every year, which is an "ideal fungal culture medium.” This amount of fungi that can accumulate is dramatic and dangerous, unlike marijuana.


Cannabidiol, or CBD, has been on the forefront of health and beauty trends for the past couple years and is continuing to pop up everywhere as the market expands and continues to gain momentum. Previously sold by head shops, health food stores, or online retailers, CBD has dramatically entered the mainstream as a health or nutritional supplement, making a splash in the beauty industry as a skin care and cosmetics add-in, as well as in the food industry, garnishing mocktails or lattes for an extra couple bucks each. The health and beauty industries are wont to never miss out on a booming trend, and CBD is no exception.