5 Things Found in Your Bathroom That Are More Dangerous Than Marijuana

The bathroom is one of the most commonly used rooms in the house, but it is also quite possibly the most dangerous room in the house. People shower and bathe in the bathroom, which is very healthy for their hygiene, but can be very harmful to their physical health. Bathrooms are prone to many accidents because people aren’t always careful when they’re bathing, so they often injure themselves, requiring immediate medical attention. For this reason, bathrooms are more dangerous than marijuana.

First, although it’s an essential resource, water is one of the many dangerous things in the bathroom. In 2011, water caused more than a third of bathroom injuries from bathing, showering, and getting out of the tub or shower, the most hazardous bathroom activity sending over 70,000 people to the hospital. Shampoos, conditioners, and many bath products have added chemicals like formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane, making them very dangerous. These chemicals are both linked to cancer and a number of skin conditions. Toilets are also dangerous things in bathrooms because, "You get a great spray out of the toilet when you flush it. This throws bacteria out of the toilet,” which means that germs lurk in neglected areas where the toilet splashes, so be careful the next time you use the bathroom.


While most trends seem to move towards safer and more well-protected activities for children, this might be the wrong approach when it comes to playgrounds. At least, that’s what a recent video from Vox’s By Design series, which explores the concept of “adventure parks,” argues. "They can play with any dangerous tool, they can take really dangerous risks and overcome them, and this builds up a tremendous sense of self-confidence in themselves," Marjory Allen, landscape architect and the person most responsible for popularizing the adventure park concept, said in an archival interview.

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