5 Things Found at Starbucks That Are More Dangerous Than Marijuana

Many marijuana opponents claim that the drug is dangerous, even though there are no actual reported deaths from marijuana. Marijuana is also the complete opposite of dangerous because it heals, so many of these opponents are simply projecting their own fears of the drug onto the growing industry. When consumed responsibly, marijuana isn’t as dangerous as many claim, but there are some products that are dangerous even when they are used properly. Some of these products are surprisingly from Starbucks,  and are actually more dangerous than marijuana.  

Starbucks is home to many products that are more dangerous than marijuana including hot beverages. According to the World Health Organization, hot drinks are classified as "probably carcinogenic to humans", so many hot Starbucks drinks are in the same risk group as exposure to lead and exhaust fumes. These drinks are far more dangerous than marijuana, which is in the same group as medicine. Public WiFi is another thing found in Starbucks that’s far more dangerous than cannabis because hackers can easily access personal information from anyone connected to the WiFi. Starbucks is proof that even the most popular and comfortable coffee shops can be more dangerous than cannabis.


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