Figuring out the ins and outs of growing your own cannabis can feel like a daunting task, but anyone who’s succeeded will attest to its boundless benefits. To help you experience those gains for yourself, we’ve rounded up five products or services every cannabis grower should have. We dare you to get through this list without buying anything.  

1. Crop King Seeds

Whether you’re a medical patient, an adventurous agriculturalist or an experienced grower, there’s something for you at Crop King Seeds. The Vancouver-based seed supplier features “31 of the worlds best marijuana strains for sale in feminized, autoflowering, medical and regular varieties” in its catalog, and even promises “discount stealth delivery to all countries.”

2. Scott’s Black Magic Soil

This “supernatural blend” from Black Magic is ideal for both indoor and outdoor growing, and will help your buds grow big and your roots strong. Featuring ingredients like volcanic ash and bat guano, this unique blend was developed by expert growers “with a dash of the dark arts for superior drainage, water retention and consistently strong roots.” Browse the rest of the site for all your other hydroponic needs.

3. ‘Leaf’ Grow Chamber

The world’s first “plug-and-plant” cannabis grow chamber is perfect for the grower on the go, as it virtually does all the work for you. The Leaf system, which comes equipped with LED grow lights, monitors and adjusts the pH level, water/air temperatures and nutrients to optimize your plant’s size, weight and potency. You can even watch its progress via a built-in app. The chamber can host one large plant at a time, from which growers can expect to yield four to five ounces of cannabis every three to four months.

4. ‘Buds Organic’ Cannabis Coach

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Want to be as hands-on as possible with your home grow, but feeling a little apprehensive about getting started or following all the necessary steps? Consider enlisting the help of a certified cannabis coach from Buds Organic. No matter your skill level, experts from Buds Organic will be happy to come to your home and provide gardening installation, maintenance and coaching services. Getting your hands dirty is easier, after all, when you’ve got an extra pair at your disposal.

5. ‘Yofumo’ Hi-Tech Storage Unit

Quad System Drying Unit

What’s the point of growing top-quality cannabis if you have no adequate space to store it afterward? Enter Yofumo, the self-contained storage units geared toward improving cannabis quality and user-safety. Via gaseous ozone treatment, the units “[refine] all aspects of post-harvest drying, yeast and mold treatment, handling, security, transportation, specialty processing and curing, as well as long and short-term storage.” In other words, say goodbye to baggies and hello to pristine buds – every time.