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5 Things We Learned From 'The Daily Show' Reunion

Stephen Colbert brought the old Daily Show gang back together last night. Jon Stewart, John Oliver, Samantha Bee, Ed Helms and Rob Corddry all stopped by The Late Show yesterday to laugh and reminisce about their time on the fake-news phenomenon. Here are five things we learned from 'The Daily Show' reunion.

1. Colbert Crashed Stewart's Introduction

Stephen Colbert went out of his way to make an impression on Jon Stewart when Comedy Central announced he would be be taking over the show in 1999.

"I was there before Jon," Colbert said. "I started 20 years ago in 1997...When it was announced that you were going to be the person [to replace Craig Kilborn]...They announced a press conference, and I said, "Well, I think on 'The Daily Show' we would cover this press conference. So I just showed up unannounced."

Then he put his new boss on the spot. "I said, 'Now Mr. Stewart, let me ask you a question: the fact that you've been announced as the host of The Daily Show. How does that impact my chances of becoming the host of The Daily Show?' "

2. Occupational Hazards

Watching 'The Daily Show' was fun, but putting content together for each episode was often miserable because correspondents had to hang out with awful people for extended periods of time.

"I would spend days with the worst homophobes and sometimes just the worst people you could possibly imagine," Bee recalled. "And you have to get them to engage in this big sketch that you've done. And you've taken three airplanes to get there, and you need them to give you some content. So you have to be really nice to them all day in their homes."

3. Fleeing from the Klan

Sometimes those sketches went from uncomfortable to dangerous - like when Colbert offended the Ku Klux Klan.

"I had to flee the Klan one night," Colbert confessed. "That was my second field piece...We were doing Comedy Central station ID's at the time on our shoots. And we went out to a cross burning in the countryside - as you do. It was a summer kicker like, 'Let's find out where the Klan was formed.' So we went out to Pulaski, Tennessee. They didn't know who I was...So there was a cross burning behind me, and I said, 'I'm Stephen Colbert and this is Comedy Central.'

"And I looked around. And there are big guys in hoods saying to me, 'Comedy what? What is this now? Where y'all from?'"

Stephen told them to talk it over with his producer, who said the Klan president had okayed everything, so if they had a problem, they had to take it up with him. So the hulking group went off to confront their leader. And the second they were gone, the producer turned to the crew and shouted, "HAUL ASS!"

4. The Foursome Conspiracy

One of the more unpleasant interview subjects for Samantha Bee was a guy who claimed that homosexuals made him physically ill. He said that he wasn't homophobic. Gays just made him sick to his stomach, so he campaigned against allowing them to supposedly infiltrate straight culture and turn women into lesbians.

And it turned out that he was plotting something kinky on set. "I caught him planning a threesome with me and the producer," Bee said. "He was planning it with his friend. Sorry - not a threesome, a foursome. They were gonna separate us and take us. But consensually. They were convinced that we were in love with them."

5. They've Still Got It

It's impossible to summarize all the jokes and banter from the reunion. So to catch up with all the laughs, check out the two parts of the interview plus the bonus sketch featuring all the correspondents reenacting Colbert's last day on 'The Daily Show.'


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