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5 Things at Walmart That Are More Dangerous than Marijuana

Walmart is one of the biggest retailers in the world because the superstore sells almost everything. The franchise is also open at most times, if not all the times, so even if customers have the most difficult and diverse shopping list, they’ll find everything they need from Walmart. Even though most customers enjoying buying everything in one store, some opponents argue that Walmart shouldn’t be permitted to sell some products. Many people believe that Walmart shouldn’t sell some items because they are dangerous to customers and employees, more so than marijuana.

First, Walmart guns and ammunition are more dangerous than marijuana for the obvious reasons. The superstore has a selection of assault weapons for sale in-store, which is especially dangerous considering on average there’s about one violent crime per day at a Walmart location. Self-checkout scanners are also contributing to these numbers at the retailer everyday. Since Walmart began replacing cashiers with self-checkouts, the number of violent crimes have gone up because the scanners have made shoplifting and other illegal activities more tempting. Fireworks are also more dangerous than marijuana because they start an average of 18,500 fires every year, which in 2015 sent an estimated 11,900 people to the emergency room. Fortunately, both numbers greatly outpace the same statistics for marijuana.


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