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5 Things at the Hardware Store That Are More Dangerous Than Marijuana

Hardware stores offer some of the best tools for home improvement projects, but if used incorrectly these tools and equipment can cause serious injury. Most of these injuries occur while on the job, but a good number are caused by careless consumers. Every year, hardware store tools cause hundreds of thousands of injuries, far more than any dangers caused by marijuana.

First, varnishes and wood preservatives are more dangerous than marijuana because they both contain chemicals that can affect your body. These chemicals specifically harms your hormonal system, which affects human growth and development, including fertility. Nail guns are also more dangerous than marijuana because they are responsible for an estimated 37,000 emergency room visits each year. 32% of these visits to the hospital visits involve hardware store consumers, while the other 68% involve workers. Lawn mowers are equally as dangerous, sending 37,000 people to the hospital every year. A number of these injuries are sustained by children, which experts say is one of the greatest threats of using a lawn mower. When children come in contact with cannabis, it’s most likely for medical purposes because the plant heals rather than hurts, unlike these hardware tools.


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