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5 Things at a New Year’s Eve Party That Are More Dangerous Than Marijuana

New Year’s Eve celebrations are among the most fun parties of the year because people throw big and extravagant festivities with lots of people and alcohol. The amount of alcohol that people consume on New Year’s is more than most holidays, which leads to many careless decisions. Most of these poor choices lead to injury, because there are many things at a New Year’s Eve party that are far more dangerous than marijuana.

The most common cause of injury and poor decision making on New Year’s Eve is alcohol. Drunk driving kills more than 10,000 people in the United States every year. During the holiday season, two to three times more people die in a drunk driving accident than on average, sending many to the hospital on New Year’s Eve. Fireworks are also very dangerous at New Year’s Eve parties because they were involved in an estimated 11,000 injuries treated in the U.S. in 2016. This number typically goes up New Year’s Eve because most people like to celebrate with small fireworks they can hold, which may lead to more injury. People also like to celebrate the holiday by popping Champagne, which contains more air pressure than that found in a car tire that can launch a cork at 50 miles per hour. These popped corks can cause serious eye injuries, possibly resulting in permanent blindness, so it’s important to protect yourself even when you’re letting loose on New Year’s Eve.


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