Every year, a new class of students graduates from high school and college to move on to new experiences and opportunities, while their teachers stay where they are. Some teachers remain at the same school for years, even lifetimes, so they see a number of students come and go from a number of different generations. According to several teachers from Reddit, there are many differences between the generations of students from 1997, 2007, and 2017.  

In 1997, many students were caught passing notes to their friends in class because they had no other way to communicate with each other. At that time, no student was carrying around a cell phone, so when they wanted to talk to their friends in class, they went with the old pen to paper. Then, in 2007 technology shifted, at which point almost every student had a cell phone on them in class, so instead of passing notes, students would text during class. Now in 2017, these cell phones are now smartphones with access to every application available, so instead of texting, students are constantly watching Netflix in class.