The 5 Strangest Things Found In Mike Pence's Old Office

Nothing captures the creepiness of Vice President Mike Pence - who turns 58 today - quite like his old office on Capital Hill. Seven years ago, journalists from the Capitol Hill paper Roll Call toured the office of then-Congressman Mike Pence. Here are the weirdest things they found. 

1. The Election Poster

One of Pence's wall-hangings is a faux campaign poster that seems ridiculously ominous in retrospect. The poster features cartoon cat Garfield running for president with the slogan 'You've done worse.' Which is probably what was running through many Republican minds while casting ballots for Trump last November.

Screen Shot 2017 06 07 at 1.47.04 PM

But Trump is now the least popular president in modern American politics. His approval ratings are actually hovering around Nixon's during Watergate. Which seems fitting since the Garfield campaign poster features the orange cat giving Tricky Dick's signature double-peace sign.

So let's hope the poster is actually foreshadowing Trump's impeachment

2. The Garfield Shrine

The campaign poster isn't the only Garfield memorabilia in Pence's office. The cartoon's creator Jim Davis was one of Pence's constituents back in 2010. And he sent Pence some personalized cartoons that the congressman hung proudly in his office. A little too proudly.

"As we move on to the wall of me with noteworthy people, I start with the cat always," Pence said while conducting the tour. His Garfield shrine included the campaign poster as well as a framed cartoon and an autographed photo of Pence with Davis, who signed the pic from him and "your orangest constituent."

Screen Shot 2017 06 07 at 1.49.16 PM

The Garfield obsession makes you have to wonder if America has just elected the first furry to the office of vice president. In fact, you kinda have to wonder if Pence's penchant for Garfield is what attracted him to the orange-headed Trump.

3. That Creepy Plaque 

Among the knickknacks cluttering Pence's desk is a wooden sign that reads 'NO WHINING.' Which is the sorta thing you'd expect to find in the office of Congressman Charlie Manson.

Screen Shot 2017 06 07 at 1.53.46 PM

4. The Bookshelf

Pence took particular pride in his bookshelf during the tour. "These are all books of great consequence to me personally," he said. Which makes the 1984 spy novel 'The Hunt for Red October' seem like an odd choice to set alongside books on faith and politics. But it makes sense when you keep in mind how Pence became a Republican.

Pence grew up as a Democrat, and he actually voted for Jimmy Carter in 1980. But all that changed when he was seduced to conservatism by none other than President Ronald Reagan. And while a lot of Americans admire Reagan, Pence's admiration for The Gipper borders on lust.

When describing his conversion to Republicanism, Pence said that he was allured by the voluptuous conservatism of Reagan. “His broad-shouldered leadership inspired my life,” Pence said in September 2016.

And if that's not steamy enough for you, check out how Pence described staring into Reagan's dreamy eyes in the one and only chance he got to meet his political idol.

"I looked him square in the eye, and I told him I just wanted to thank him for everything he had done for the country and everything he had done to 'inspire my generation to believe in America again.' "He seemed surprised, his cheeks appeared to redden with embarrassment and he said, "'Well, Mike, that's a very nice thing of you to say.'"

Then Reagan slowly backed out of the room, we assume.

So Pence likely fell in love with Tom Clancy because Reagan once praised the book.

5. Pence himself

Of course, the creepiest thing in Pence's office -- then and now -- is Pence himself. It's hard to capture the off-putting awkwardness of the Indiana politician in words. So check out the clip of the office tour.


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