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5 Sketches To Get You Pumped For Dave Chappelle On Saturday Night Live

Just over 10 years ago, Dave Chappelle shocked fans by walking away from his hit sketch show to focus on family. But he's making a triumphant return to sketch comedy this weekend when he'll host Saturday Night Live (with musical guest A Tribe Called Quest).

Here are five sketches to get you pumped up for Chappelle's return.

1. The Racial Draft

When celebrities of multiple ethnicities like Tiger Woods rocketed to stardom in the 90s, people weren't sure how to refer to them by race. Dave Chappelle tried to clear things up by staging a mock racial draft where blacks, whites, latinos, asians and jews could select contested celebrities and make them officially (and solely) part of their race.

The best moment came in the first round when the Asian delegation pulled a fast one and drafted the entire Wu Tang Clan with one selection.

2. Black White Supremacist

Chappelle continued to push the envelope with racial humor in a mockumentary about a blind, black man who becomes an outspoken -- and highly influential -- white supremacist. In fact, his speeches and books are so invaluable to the racist movement that his fellow white supremacists can't afford to tell him the truth.

But when he removes his hood at a KKK event, the reaction is explosive. Literally.

3. True Hollywood Stories: Prince

"Chappelle's Show" staff writer Charlie Murphy -- Eddie Murphy's older brother -- had a recurring sketch series where he retold stories of hanging out with celebs in the 80s. One anecdote featured Prince and the Revolution challenging Charlie and his friends to a pickup game of basketball. And the Purple One stunned his competition by humiliating them on the court.

What's even more surprising is that the entire story -- including the postgame pancake feast -- was later verified by Prince himself

4. Wayne Brady

You might think that hanging out with singer, actor and TV host Wayne Brady would be a G-rated evening of karaoke and improv games. But Dave Chappelle helped the former Whose Line Is It Anyway? star break his squeaky clean image in a sketch where a night on the town with Brady quickly turns into Training Day (2001).

"You got a Daytime Emmy, man. You're not supposed to be doing shit like this," Dave pleads after Brady pulls a driveby shooting.

5. True Hollywood Stories: Rick James

You knew this was coming. The reenactment of Charlie Murphy's tumultuous friendship with R&B legend Rick James made Chappelle a household name. And turned "I'm Rick James, bitch" into a catchphrase -- to Chappelle's chagrin. The actor later lamented that he couldn't even take his kids to Disneyword without someone yelling the catchphrase at him.

But on the bright side, those awkward run-ins with fans meant Chappelle's pop culture legacy was secure. And for good reason. The Rick James sketch is just as funny today as when it aired back in 2004.

Banner Image: Dave Chappelle at the premiere of his movie "200 Cigarettes" in 1999. ( Featureflash Photo Agency /


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