Munchies are a common side effect from consuming marijuana that cause users to eat and crave an uncontrollable amount of food. These cravings aren’t caused from the cannabis itself, but rather the THC, which heightens users’ awareness of the foods around them. This may cause many consumers to eat more food than they could stomach, so many users actually don’t enjoy experiencing the munchies. Even though they don’t want to eat, sometimes users can’t control their munchies, so there are thankfully a number of strategies consumers can use to stave off their munchies.

First, every strain of marijuana is unique, so each creates a different high experience for users with different side effects that may or may not include the munchies. A great strategy to stave off the munchies is to simply try consuming another strain of marijuana that doesn’t cause the munchies. Distracting yourself is another good way to ignore your cravings because rather than filling yourself with food, you’re entertaining and motivating your mind by partaking in an activity you enjoy enough to keep you interested. Another strategy takes a different approach by using your munchies to your advantage if you know you can’t stop them. Simply take a few hits to inspire you and cook meals for the week. Also, as long as you know yourself and your preferences as a user, those munchies will be forgotten.