5 Seasoned Travelers Share Where They Never Want to Go Again

Movies and TV can sometimes be deceiving because “movie magic” can make any location look like the perfect place to visit. For this reason, many travelers and visitors are often disappointed when they actually check the place off from their bucket lists because it’s not nearly as fun as they hoped. According to some seasoned travelers on Reddit, there are a number of places they traveled that they’ll never set foot in again.

Dubai is one of the first places these seasoned travelers recommend not visiting if you haven’t already. Sure, everyone’s experience is different, but many describe Dubai as, “Vegas without the debauchery” and “a glorified mall” because it’s known for having one of the largest malls in the world. The Dubai Mall welcomed more than 80 million guests in 2014, so even if you choose not to go back ever again, other people certainly will. Another place many travelers regret going to is Hollywood, California. Of all the places in the world, Hollywood is the most embellished on screen because it’s the place where people go to follow their dreams. The famous Hollywood Boulevard is constantly crowded with tourists and homeless people, which certainly isn’t how it’s portrayed on TV and movies.


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