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5 Reasons to Cure Chronic Illnesses with Cannabis-infused Tea

Marijuana has been scientifically proven to be a cure for symptoms of several types of chronic illnesses. Although many people are willing to learn how it will benefit them, they are still reluctant to smoke it. However, medical marijuana is becoming increasingly popular as a complementary medicine due to the various benefits it carries. Here are 5 benefits of drinking cannabis-infused tea:

Medical Marijuana is an Alternative Way to Cure Diseases

Medical marijuana is a term used to refer to the marijuana plant or the basic extracts that are used to treat illnesses and several other health conditions. Scientific studies have revealed that the chemicals present in marijuana can be used for medical purposes. An alternative way of administering marijuana to cure sickness is through cannabis tea.

Relieve Pain Across Your Body

The cannabinoids that are found in marijuana help in dampening pain signals which bind to pain receptors in the central nervous system. Unlike morphine or codeine, marijuana is not addictive and won't cause any withdrawal symptoms. When used for pain relief, cannabis-infused tea is better than smoking as it travels through your digestive system and body. As such, the result is longer lasting and more efficient.

Reducing Inflammation Associated to Autoimmune Diseases

If you have autoimmune disorders, cannabis-infused tea is a healthy alternative to other prescription drugs. Whether you are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, lupus, arthritis or multiple sclerosis, the chemicals in marijuana have been proven to reduce inflammation. Medical marijuana also helps in strengthening the body's immune system.

Cannabis-infused Tea Has a Neuroprotective Effect

A recurring myth claims that cannabis use is directly linked to memory problems and brain damage. However, recent studies show that the contrary is true. Cannabis has a neuroprotective effect whereby THC blocks the production of beta-amyloid proteins. These kind of proteins are known to be the precursors of Alzheimer and other brain-related diseases. However, research shows that cannabinoids have helped in combating age-related memory problems and further brain damage in the long run.

Cannabis Improves The Digestive Health

Several chronic illnesses tend to affect the gastrointestinal system. Drinking cannabis-infused tea helps in improving digestion as the cannabinoids present in the marijuana are absorbed by the receptors in the digestive tract. Cannabis is also a cure for diarrhea, cramping, constipation, acid reflux, nausea and stomach pain.

Stabilizing The Mood

Depression is caused by various factors but it is also triggered by neuronal inflammation, which is caused by a deficiency in neurotransmitters. When cannabis tea is absorbed in the body, the THC is transformed to produce a "mellower and more total-body high". This is how cannabinoids help one to relax and feel reinvigorated. It is true that smoking cannabis may lead to mind-altering effects. However, cannabis-infused tea is known to help with stabilizing the mood and relieving emotional stress, anxiety and depression. Drinking cannabis tea instead of smoking marijuana has more efficient and longer lasting effects on the body.


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