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5 Questions Every Cannabis Consuming Parent Should Ask Themselves

Proud parents can be proud pot users these days - at least in some areas - but with that power comes great responsibility. Whether you've been consuming cannabis since long before you had children or you've picked up the habit as they have grown older, we've listed five questions every cannabis consuming parent should ask himself or herself right now.

1. When should I partake? If you're into cannabis the same way others are into spirits and wine, then you should know that you only partake under safe, responsible circumstances (no driving, operating heavy machinery, etc.), but that doesn't rule out smoking with the kiddos around. If you're consuming cannabis throughout the day for medicinal purposes, educating your kids about your routine is a great way to give them first-hand experience with marijuana as a medicine, or you may choose to adjust your schedule so you medicate while they're asleep, distracted, or out of the house.

2. Do I tell the kids? No two families are alike, and when it comes to using marijuana there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer to confiding in your children about using weed. Being up front with them about you using cannabis establishes trust and demystifies the plant a bit, but you need to consider things like their age, temperament, and whether or not they have the biggest mouth on the block before coming clean to your kids.

3. Where should I keep my stash? Just like other things you don't want your kids getting into (liquor, guns, their Christmas presents, etc.) you should make sure your cannabis is safely stored in a place they can't access. This question becomes a little trickier when dealing with edibles unless you want to invest in an “adults-only” mini fridge or pantry for your special snacks.

4. How should I consume my cannabis? Smoke-less consumption methods (edibles, tinctures, etc.) are preferred if you're trying to keep your cannabis use under wraps or you want to promote a smoke-free lifestyle to your youngsters. But if smoking's your thing, by all means, light up however you please.

5. Where will I consume? Favorite spot on the family couch, the chair by your farthest bedroom window, the chaise lounge on the a parent, you may choose to have a designated consumption space far out of your children's line of sight, or decide it's no different than them seeing you drink a beer and consume your marijuana freely throughout the house


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