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5 of the Most Popular Edibles in America

Before the surge in the cannabis industry, the amount of marijuana products was very limited. Now, new dispensaries are opening on every corner, introducing new products and strains as the demand for more potent items increases. Years ago, if looking for an edible option, pot brownies were some of the only edible products available, but that is now a snack of the past. Cannabis companies are introducing and producing new edible products that hit every taste bud with gummy bears, pretzels, Goldfish, cookies, and even pizza sauce. Though there’s now an unlimited amount of edible options, there are still some favorites that stand out.

Cheeba Chews are one of the more popular of these edibles. Known for being extremely potent, some consider these bite-sized taffies “America’s favorite edible.” Each 10 gram chew provides a dosage ranging from as low as 70 milligram in sativa, indica, or hybrid, up to 175 milligram. They also come in a wide selection of flavors to help serve a number of tastes including caramel, mint chocolate taffy, and mixed fruit gummy. For recreational purposes, the chews are sold in 10 mg increments, which also come in an 80 milligram box containing eight chews to accurately dose according to individual preferences.      


There are so many strains of marijuana available it can be nearly impossible to figure out which one is right for you. And sure, a knowledgeable budtender could point you in the right direction, but we think we've figured out a better method for choosing a marijuana strain. Take our quiz below to find out which cannabis strain is your true soulmate.

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