Marijuana legalization is spreading across the United States fast, and to much surprise, it’s also spreading across the world. A number of countries and places around the world are legalizing marijuana, so many cannabis consuming travelers will be happy to know that they can smoke marijuana while also traveling the world. Many of these places are quite surprising though, because their governments or people aren’t typically accepting of psychoactive drugs, yet they allow marijuana consumption.

North Korea is certainly the most surprising places where marijuana is legal, though this is often debated. There are conflicting reports on the legal status of marijuana in North Korea, because some claim there are no laws regarding marijuana, since it isn’t even classified as a drug. North Korea isn’t known for being so progressive though, so many people hesitate to smoke in the country. Croatia is another surprising place where marijuana is partly legal. This is surprising because selling or growing cannabis is punishable in Croatia with a mandatory prison sentence, yet possession of small amounts is decriminalized. Even though marijuana may be legal in a number of places around the world, we suggest you consume in a place you’re very familiar with.