5 of the Most Expensive Computers of All Time

The world’s first computer was created in 1946, requiring several people to operate and a large room to occupy. The computer cost $487,000, which is equivalent to about $10 million today. Since then, the price and size of computers have changed dramatically, as you can buy a computer for as low as $300 today. In the early computer days, someone couldn’t even purchase a monitor for that cheap. As technology improved, owning a computer became much more affordable because they’re no longer huge machines that fill entire rooms, but small machines that can fit inside small backpacks. Although, there are still a number of computers that are extremely expensive because they either use advanced technology or contain expensive features.

One of these expensive computers is EGO Lifestyle’s Otazu Ego Diamond, the company’s most expensive laptop that looks like a designer handbag. The computer is available in many luxe finishes, starting as low as $5,000, but the most expensive, Otazu Ego Diamond, contains 470 diamonds costing $350,000. The most expensive computer of all time, MJ Brilliant Limited Edition, costs $3.5 million. The computer is encrusted and covered in diamonds that come with a 10-year warranty included for both the hardware and jewels.  


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