5 of the Most Deeply Unsettling Facts on the Internet

The Internet’s capacity could be measured by the amount of information it can transfer and store, which according to the Internet, is a lot of information. Some estimate that the Internet stores at least 1.2 million terabytes, which is held between all the online storage and service companies. People all across the world are inputting information to the Internet, which is then available to the world wide web. Much of the information searched on the Internet is helpful and useful, but some of it is rather disturbing and some  of the most deeply unsettling facts and information.

In 1916, one early morning in January, eight servicemen in a nuclear bomber were flying over Goldsboro, North Carolina when they dropped two powerful detonator bombs after crashing over farmland. Fortunately, the bombs did not detonate, but the accident killed three of the eight crew members. Each bomb was about 12 feet long, weighing over 6,200 pounds and could detonate with a blast that would have detonated with about 250 times more explosive power than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Most of the bombs were recovered, though one of their nuclear cores is likely still buried.


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