5 of the Most Dangerous Substances to Mix with Marijuana

When consumed alone, marijuana has many health benefits that have helped thousands of medical marijuana patients throughout the years. Many epileptic patients consume some form of cannabis to prevent their seizures, and it has been proven to work on a number of other medical cases. When marijuana is mixed with other substances, the drug may lose all these benefits caused by the chemical reaction created from the mixture. Even though mixing these drugs may heighten a user’s high experience, some of the effects are extremely dangerous.

Marijuana and alcohol are typically paired together because they’re both consumed recreationally, but when combined, they can have very dangerous effects. When consumed in low dosages, the effects may be manageable, but some users may start feeling more dizzy and sick. This reaction to the mixture is caused from the alcohol, which rapidly increases THC levels in the blood, so consumers experience a more intense high. Marijuana also shouldn’t be consumed with MDMA, though it’s commonly used to help the comedown caused by the MDMA. Even though it may help some users, the effects are unpredictable, potentially increasing paranoia and trouble sleeping.  


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