5 of the Best First-Patient Dispensary Deals in America

Now that marijuana legalization is gaining momentum, more marijuana is being made available for patients and consumers in the United States and other legal countries. Luckily, more dispensaries have been opening their doors to customers, providing them with this access to an assortment of marijuana products. Some customers find one dispensary and that’s their new home. They then keep going back for the daily special offers and deals like “Wednesday Rolled-Up”, a special on premium joints, or “Monday Shake-Up” for premium shake, but the best deals are for those first-time patients. Dispensaries offer first-time patients a number of free treats and specials to persuade them to come back, and oftentimes it’s convincing enough.

First, at a number of dispensaries, you’ll find great buy one get one free deals. For instance, at MedMen, a dispensary located in several states including California, for first-time patients, they’ll match whatever flower, concentrate, and edible you buy, so you leave with double your original purchase. Another great first-time patient deal is a simple gift bag filled with a number of marijuana products and paraphernalia. Many dispensaries offer this deal to first-time customers, so the gifts may vary but oftentimes include vape pens, edibles, pipes, flower, and more.


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