5 Myths About Marijuana That Are Untrue

Even though cannabis was an issue with broad voter support in the 2016 presidential election, there are still many people who fear it. And who can blame them? There is a lot of misinformation out there - sometimes propagated by elected officials. We've compiled a few of the most tiresome marijuana myths in this quick video. Share it with your friends who might still be uninformed about cannabis. Who knows? Maybe they'll join you in a future sesh. 


Our galaxy will seem a lot smaller in the near future as space tourism emerges as a new sector in the travel industry. But as companies begin booking passengers for extra-terrestrial flights, they will also have to sort out what you can and can't legally do in outer space - whether that involves mining gold from an asteroid or smoking a joint on the moon. That's where experts like Frans von der Dunk come in.

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