5 Movies That Need to Be Watched Twice to Fully Understand

Every movie viewer enjoys watching a linear film where they leave feeling completely fulfilled, satisfied with the ending, and without questions. As more independent films are recognized and more films are challenging the movie viewing experience, more audiences are leaving films feeling even more confused than before even seeing the movie. These ambiguous and obscure films are dense and demand viewers’ full attention, which sometimes isn’t even enough to fully comprehend. Some movies are so obscure that they need several viewings to be fully understood. Though confusing and certainly time confusing, many great successful films are the most head-scratching.

First, arguably one of the best space exploration films ever produced, Stanley Kurbrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Kubrick is known for his use of themes, production details, visual queues, subliminal messages, and ideas, which sends audiences hurtling into space with questions. Although the core mystery around the strange black monoliths affecting human evolution is resolved by the end of the film, viewers don’t fully “get” it as the ending requires further interpretation and viewing. “Fight Club” is another ambiguous film because when it’s revealed that Tyler Durden is actually the Unknown Narrator, viewers question everything they’ve watched because most of what they’ve watched isn’t real.


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