The beginning of October indicates the beginning of Halloween for many, which is also the best time to watch horror flicks and the beginning of many Halloween movie marathons. Even though horror movies are certainly scary, some feature many comedic moments that make for an even scarier experience. During some of these funny moments, many of the characters consume marijuana, to show the more relaxed and somewhat fearless side of them, though horror is inevitable. Some of the most popular horror films feature the most memorable marijuana moments for the movie genre.

The classic horror film “Poltergeist”, features marijuana before the host of ghosts begin haunting the Freeling family. In this particular scene, Diane and Steve smoke freely in bed, and Steve even jumps off the bed to reenact a perfect dive. This moment is of course interrupted by their kids, and the inevitable horror. “The Evil Dead” is another scary movie that includes marijuana, when the characters smoke weed while listening to an old tape recording. The actors originally smoked real marijuana when shooting this scene, but they became too high to act scared.