5 Most Genuinely Disturbing Villains in Pop Culture

Whether it be a simple high school bully, or a mind controlling serial killer, every TV show, book, and movie has a villain. Some of these villains become annoying characters that appear every now and again to cause some drama, while other villains are the drama. These villains dedicate their lives to destroying the hero and most of the time, the world, which makes for great entertainment. Even though these dense characters are entertaining, some of them are just too evil and some of the most  genuinely disturbing villains in pop culture history.

Though he doesn’t appear very evil, Mr. Jellybean or King Jellybean from “Rick and Morty”, is one of these genuinely disturbing characters because he represents a greater evil, addiction. In one particular scene, Mr. Jellybean attempts to force himself on Morty with erratic and violent behavior. Writer Ryan Ridley explains the meaning behind this scene, “King Jellybean had become addicted to the high he received from the enzymes entering his bloodstream through alien saliva… That's why he spent time in places like the Thirsty Stair where a diverse multitude of inter dimensional beings congregated. Morty was his first human, so he was especially aggressive with him.” Although some of these characters are sometimes too evil to bear, many of them represent a greater message and villain in the world.


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