5 Most Expensive Marijuana Drinks on the Market

Cannabis consumers are no longer just smoking joints or bowls, but they are consuming more edibles. Companies are introducing new types of edibles, which consumer are more inclined to eat because they can choose from more than just a hash brownie to eat. Cannabis infused beverages are also becoming more popular among consumers because there are so many different flavors and drinks available. Though most cannabis infused drinks are reasonably priced, some beverages are the most expensive marijuana drinks on the market.

Grammy-winning artist and cancer survivor Melissa Etheridge has one of the most expensive cannabis infused beverages on the market. Her wine company, Know Label Wine uses premium grapes and premium flower to infuse them through a purely organic seasonal process to produce several different kinds of wine. For this reason, Know Label is one of the most expensive cannabis beverages with prices ranging from $150 a bottle to $350 a bottle, which Etheridge says, “It’s expensive, but you won’t believe how it tastes and feels.” Now, depending on the state, new laws will require companies to lower the THC content in their edibles, so it’s very possible that these expensive cannabis drinks might become more affordable in 2018.


Lots of people enjoy unwinding with a joint after a hard day's work, but for Perry Farrell, getting high is just another part of his job as a rock singer. The frontman of the alternative rock group Jane's Addiction likens the role of the musician to a shaman, whose job is to explore altered states of consciousness. "When you're going out there [onstage] as a shaman - as a witch doctor, you need to step into the fifth dimension," Farrell told Pitchfork in the latest edition of their 'Over/Under' series.

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