The 5 Most Expensive Board Games of All Time

Today, as we’re in the peak of the Digital Age, anyone can play any game they want at the push of a button. Simply take out your phone and start playing your favorite game of Monopoly or Solitaire. This wasn’t always the case though, because before smartphones, everyone played real board games. Rather than going to the App Store, they would go to toy stores and buy board games like Life or Clue. For the most part, these games were fairly cheap, considering that everyone owned at least one, but as games became more complicated, they also became more expensive.

Although it’s probably one of the most common and well-known board games, owned by most families, Monopoly can potentially be very expensive since many different versions are available. The most expensive version, and one of the most expensive board games is the Sidney Mobell Monopoly set for $2 million. This game was created by jeweler Sidney Monopoly who made the board with 65 rubies and sapphires, luxury cards, and 42 full-cut diamonds. The most expensive board game, for $5 million, is Charles Hollander Backgammon set. The game was created by renowned artist Bernard Maquin who used diamonds, gold, and silver.


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