The 5 Most Expensive Beers of All Time

Among the vast selection of alcoholic beverages in the world, beer is one of the most widely selected and consumed. There are number of places, including bars and restaurants, that pride themselves on their large selection of beers. Not only is beer very easy to come by, but it’s also one of the cheaper alcoholic beverages, which is why it’s so popularly consumed. Although, just like any other alcohol, there are a number of celebrated brands that produce some of the finest beers in the world, which aren’t quite as cheap as the cans you can find at any local store.

The most expensive of these celebrated beers is Nail Brewing’s Antarctic Nail Ale. In 2010, Nailing Brew produced this one-off ale for the non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the world’s oceans, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The brew was produced based on their flagship ale, Nail Ale, a classic Australian style pale ale, brewed using a huge iceberg directly from the Antarctic. When it was produced, only 30 bottles of Antarctic Nail Ale were released and the first bottle sold at an auction for $800, while the second bottle was sold for $1,850, making it the most expensive bottle of beer.


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