5 Marijuana Strains with the Prettiest Flowers

Marijuana legalization is spreading and becoming more favorable across the world, which is proving to be great for the United States, but isn’t necessarily great for the plant itself. As more state have legalized marijuana, it has become more politicized so it’s easy to forget that it is still just a plant, and just like any other plant, marijuana is both beautiful and unique. Marijuana has hundreds of different strains though, so there are a number of types of marijuana plants that have some of the prettiest flowers.

Northern Lights is a popular strain that is beautiful with green and gold flowers that blend together, nearly to the point where they appear woven. This is also a popular strain because of its appearance, which is also coated in crystals and hues of purple. Rainbow Kush is another popular strain with some of the prettiest flowers because the plant produces many compact flowers that come in an array of colors. These colorful flowers are green and purple buds with red and blue crystal hairs, which certainly may be the reason by ‘Rainbow’ is in its name. Purple Berry Kush is also a strain that produces colorful flowers that stay true to its colorful lineage, with green flowers streaked with purple, blue, and sometimes orange. Like all beauty though, the beauty of marijuana truly comes from what’s inside the plant.  


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