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5 Cannabis Strains With Star Power

You know you've really made it once they starting naming things in your honour: a wing of a prestigious university, let's say. A floor of a hospital. A bridge. Or, you know, a marijuana strain. While not everyone on this list is likely thrilled to have their name and/or likeness used to market cannabis, it's fair to say that it's a high honour to which few of us dare aspire.

1. Michael Phelps OG

Michael Phelps OG is a hybrid strain with OG Kush genetics and earthy, sweet pine and lemon notes. When judiciously used, it leaves both mind and body agile, much like Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps' freakishly long torso and double-jointed ankles.

2. Blue Ivy

We're not totally OK with the idea of naming a strain after a child; however, perhaps Jay-Z and Beyonce were flattered when cannabis breeders considered their baby's name original enough to borrow for an indica-dominant hybrid with sweet undertones of blueberry.

3. Obama OG

Remember when the name "Obama" was synonymous with starry-eyed optimism for a new America? Although times may have, indeed, changed, Obama Kush remains consistent: a cerebral indica with a 2008-style euphoric rush. Frosty, purplish-reddish hairs with a light aroma, purportedly with no munchies or couch-lock.

4. Gupta Kush

Colorado's Helping Hands Herbals named a strain after the CNN chief medical correspondent changed his views on medical marijuana. Helping Hands owner Jeff Kless says they "selected the strain carefully," said Kless, "choosing one for those who suffer from debilitating medical conditions such as cancer, MS, severe pain, nausea, anxiety and wasting, and need physical and mental recovery without the use of pharmaceuticals – or for those transitioning off pain medication."

5. Julius Caesar

Created by Cali Connection, this regal strain combines characteristics of SoCal Master Kush and SFV OG Kush: powerful, imperial, takes over quickly - much like the namesake. Hail, Caesar!

banner image: mistydawnphotos / Shutterstock


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