While marijuana legalization continues to spread, more growers are introducing and creating new strains for cannabis users to enjoy. For users who are on a budget, they can easily purchase low-grade strains or shake for a cheap price, though quality and size of the flowers on the top-shelf are certainly better. Typical top-shelf cannabis can go for as low as $45 an eighth, and the price for the same strain on the bottom-shelf might go for $25 an eighth. Going to a dispensary and choosing what strains to buy is the fun part, even when on a budget and searching for the least expensive strains of weed on the market today.

Blue Magoo is one of the least expensive marijuana strains today because it goes for $10.70 a gram. This hybrid is a favorite among patients because it combats a number of symptoms by delivering that familiar high sativa energy with a relaxing indica body high. Pennywise is next in line for least expensive strains because it goes for $10.94 a gram. This hybrid is a high-CBD strain that’s a cross between Harlequin and Jack the Ripper, making more a milder and more relaxing cerebral focused high. Even though these strains don’t have as much THC as the more expensive strains, they create a fun a healing high experience for the cannabis consumer looking to save money.